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Dave Stroup

Dave Stroup is a writer, photographer, former political strategist, and current MFA candidate in non-fiction writing. He lives in Washington, D.C.



Colbert King Restores Sanity to the Post's Op-Ed Page

There has been a lot of talk over the past week about how the racial divide in the District led to Vincent Gray's victory. We've seen vitriol spewed from both sides, the talk of the "old guard" restoring the legacy of Marion Barry, or how the influx of "myopic twits" have pushed aside hardworking blacks.

Sunday Questions With George Hawkins

A few months ago, the DC Water and Sewer Authority announced the results of a re-branding contest. The Authority adopted the name DC Water, with the hopes of refreshing their image. George Hawkins is the General Manager of DC Water and the former Director of the District's Department of the Environment.

A Little Bit More About Transformer Fires

Since we've had two major electrical fires in Washington this week, it seemed like a good opportunity to dive a bit more into the nature of these nasty fires. Turns out these fires are more common than you'd think, and they can be extremely dangerous. It's looking like both last night's fire near the White House, and Thursday's fire near the Washington Hilton began in underground vaults containing power transformers.

Older Metro Cars Experience Significant Damage, Even When "Sandwiched"

Photos released earlier this month by the National Transportation Safety Board reveal that Metro's series 1000 rail cars experience significant damage even when placed in the middle of a train. The photos were taken following a crash at the West Falls Church rail yard last November, when two six-car trains collided.

We Love Arts: Avenue Q at the Lansburgh Theatre

Lately I’ve been afflicted with strong bouts of nostalgia. Thinking back to my time in college, wishing I had done things differently, the sort of typical mid-twenties angst. For those of us who may still be unsure of what we want to do with our lives, Avenue Q is a musical that will hit home. It will also strongly remind you of a bygone era—the early 2000s.
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Vince Gray sits down with local bloggers

On Monday, DC Council Chair and candidate for mayor Vincent Gray sat down with DC bloggers at Ben’s Chili Bowl. For nearly ninety minutes, Gray answered questions posed by bloggers from DCist, We Love DC, Borderstan, the District Curmudgeon and Greater Greater Washington. The event was part of the Gray campaign’s effort to tap into new media, and it provided a chance to talk about topics including education, crime, poverty and transportation.
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DC Water’s George Hawkins looks to the future

DC Water’s George Hawkins is an interesting man. He took over the District’s water and sewer authority last year, with no previous experience managing a utility. Previously he had worked for the District’s Department of the Environment, and before that spent some time with the EPA. He’s an idea guy, and that’s what came across last night at a blogger roundtable at DC Water’s Bryant Street Pumping Station.
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The Price of Safety

Following the June 22 crash on Metro’s Red Line, numerous questions have arisen regarding safety on Metro. Most of these questions focused on the immediate cause of the crash that killed 9 and left scores injured. At this point, the National Transportation Safety Board has still not completed their investigation, so much of the information available is, at best, informed speculation.
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Proof and Examiner monger fear of youth in Chinatown

Today’s Washington Examiner discusses an upcoming event for youth in Chinatown. The piece, written by Freeman Klopott, opens by comparing the event to the violent mob riots in London. This is an example of over-the-top journalism that at best is poorly thought out, and at worst could be seen as race-baiting.
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Sunday Questions With Chuck Thies

For those who followed the coverage of the September primary election, the name Chuck Thies might ring a bell. Thies served as Councilmember Jim Graham (D-Ward 1)'s campaign spokesman and he also frequently commented on the race for mayor. Thies has lived in the District for twenty years and has built a reputation as one of the most experienced and outspoken operatives in D.C. politics.

Sunday Questions With Tommy Wells

Councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) recently defeated challenger Kelvin Robinson by a large margin in the September primary. He represents an area of the city that ranges from Eastern Market to Capitol Hill and up to the H Street, NE corridor. Wells has been known for his support of public transportation, including advocating for street cars and tweeting about his riding on the 90 buses.

MPD Makes Marijuana Bust in Burleith

There's been some talk recently about a possible medical marijuana dispensary in Georgetown. The Georgetown Metropolitan asked the question last month, "Would You Care if Medical Marijuana Were Sold in Georgetown?" Well, one CBS Radio news anchor and his wife allegedly operated a "private sector" marijuana "dispensary" out of their Burleith home.


Dave Stroup

Dave Stroup is a Washington, D.C. based writer. He is currently studying non-fiction writing at the Creative Writing MFA program at George Mason University.

Prior to starting his MFA, Dave worked as a senior Democratic strategist, focusing on digital strategy. He previously served as weekend editor for and was a contributing writer and photographer for a variety of DC-based outlets. Prolific on Twitter, he was named "Favorite Local Political Wonk on Twitter" by the Washington Post in 2012.